Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned!

So today started out pretty rough.  I work up at 0330 and found out that the server I was working on had failed. No, that wasn't my sin.

I made it into the client site by 0700 after a quick shower and breakfast and not having fixed the server. Still not my sin.

We did get the server fixed, with the help of the software manufacturer, and finally left the client site around 1500 (3PM) for the hotel.  Obviously not a sin there, I was exhausted.

Once I reached the hotel I crashed for several hours so I could be ready for the evening work I needed to do. Waking up from that nap was rough, I have to tell you. I found myself looking around the darkened room wondering where I was and what time it was.

Following that I started the work I needed to get done for the client and then headed out to be sinful.

As I pulled up to the restaurant I thought hard about what I was going to order this trip. You see I was back in Salt Lake City and it was time for required pilgrimage to Red Iguana. RI is THE best Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City.  I know I have posted about this place before, but this will be an update post of some new things they have in place and the dishes I had this trip.

They of course they brought out the chips and salsa, which I ordered 4 pint to go, and I spent the time waiting on the server noshing on the divine salsa and enjoying the slight burn from the spices in the finely ground liquid bowl of heaven.

They next brought out a tasting dish of the moles they have on their dishes (there are 8 different moles by the way). I wish I could name them all, but here is what I remember: negro, poblano, market veggie, pipian, strawberry, amarillo, verde, coloradito, and almendras. Normally I hot the negro and  The strawberry is a special they had today and I thought it tasted about like a strawberry jam with a hint of spice.  I sampled each and every one of them and they all rocked.  Some more spicy than others, but all were so flavorful it was hard to decide which I wanted.

So this is the hard part where I sinned so bad.  Now I had to order my meal.  Really?  With a menu like this? I went with the special ... Chicken and Cream Cheese wrapped in corn tortillas covered with strawberry mole served with a side of black beans and rice.  Oh my God, this is so good! I am not normally a chicken enchilada person. I actually prefer ground beef most of the time, but the way they do their meat it just melts in your mouth and there are just so many different flavors going off in your mouth that you just can't wait for the next bite. By the way, the is slices of strawberry on top of my dinner.  What can I say, it was breakfast for dinner with all those flavors going on in that dish.

I also ordered a side of fried plantains.  They were delicious but I have to admit I have tasted better, but was in the Cuban restaurants in Miami so I am not sure that counts. :-)  They were still very sweet and tasty with a solid flavor of banana on the finish.  If I had been in the mood for wine I would have gone with a nice bold sirah or malbec to top this off.

Let me finish off the post with a picture of the meal just before the carnage commenced.  Isn't that just a beautiful sight?  I only wish my wife had been there to enjoy it with me.