Friday, May 10, 2013

Vinylmations 2 - Park Starz Ice Gator

One of the interesting things about many of the Vinylmations is that most series are done "Blind Box" instead of having the character visible like the one in my last post. In the case of the Park Starz series they are done Blind Box but they are in tins instead of paper boxes like most of the other Vinylmations.

Today's Park Starz (I have several because I am trying to get that darn Yeti) is the cute mascot for the Blizzard Beach water park, Ice Gator.  This little guy is really rather cute and obviously could use a little warming up since he has turned blue.  His smile is quite infectious and with his arms up like they are in this picture he just seems to be wanting to hang out with you.

Although he is not the Yeti from the series, he is still one of my favorites from the Park Starz.


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Ted said...

Cute. You are such a Geek!