Saturday, May 25, 2013


Outback steakhouse just started a new promotion called a beer flight. This baby has Blue Moon, Stella Artois, and the Sam Adams seasonal.

Not only does that sound good, but I get to claim "First!" since I got the first one they have sold.

Yay beer!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Vinylmations - Konichiwa from Tokyo!

One of my most recent acquisitions was a unique new Vinylmation from the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  As I was looking along the shelf I saw this little guy and thought it was something a little different from the normal Mickey renditions. In this case he is wearing a jinbei and carrying a fan. On one side of the fan is the castle logo and the other is a kanji character which I have no clue how to translate.  So kawaii!

I pulled the box down to read what series he is a member. Imagine my surprise when I cannot event read the bottom of the packaging! Almost the entire bottom is written in Japanese script called Kanji. Sadly my depth of knowledge with the Japanese language does not include anything more than writing Tachikawa (the city my father and I lived in for a few months while waiting for base housing on Yokota Air Base)  in kanji.  Any more than that and I am lost in translation.

I finally asked the cast member working the counter and they told me that this is a new series that is brought in from the Tokyo Disneyland park.  Apparently the whole series is pretty big and they
are all open box so you always know what you are getting at time of purchase.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Who let Pluto out?

I have posted quite a few pictures of people leaving doors open that are marked that they must remain closed, but I really didn't expect to run into one while wandering around at Downtown Disney recently.

As I was walking up the bridge from Downtown Disney West to Pleasure Island I looked over toward Planet Hollywood (just makes you wish you could rattle these off so easily doesn't it? Me too.) and I noticed that this gate was open a little. The next thing I noticed was not only was the gate open but there was a very obvious sign ON the gate that plainly told people that the gate was not to be left open.

Even at Disney people just can't read.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Vinylmations 2 - Park Starz Ice Gator

One of the interesting things about many of the Vinylmations is that most series are done "Blind Box" instead of having the character visible like the one in my last post. In the case of the Park Starz series they are done Blind Box but they are in tins instead of paper boxes like most of the other Vinylmations.

Today's Park Starz (I have several because I am trying to get that darn Yeti) is the cute mascot for the Blizzard Beach water park, Ice Gator.  This little guy is really rather cute and obviously could use a little warming up since he has turned blue.  His smile is quite infectious and with his arms up like they are in this picture he just seems to be wanting to hang out with you.

Although he is not the Yeti from the series, he is still one of my favorites from the Park Starz.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vinylmation 1 - Go Yankees!

A few years ago a new collectibles craze started here in the US that involved vinyl characters.  I have one that I received as a gift from a client and posted a blog with pictures. Not long after the vinyls took off Disney decided there was money to be had and got into the vinyl collectibles as well with their Vinylmations collectibles.

Most are based on a series of some sort such as the Park Starz which feature represent a park or attraction in one of the parks, such as the Yeti from Expedition: Everest, or the mascot for Blizzard Beach water park. Some are characters from Disney movies or cartoons, and many are reinterpretations of classic characters from Disney, especially Mickey himself. The next trip to Walt Disney World (WDW) after I received the Dunnie I bought a Vinylmation.  I have bought many since then and always make it a goal to get at least one each time I visit.

Now I am starting another series on the blog that with feature the Vinylmations I have collected and my thoughts on them.

First up will be from the team sports themed Vinylmations and the bane of my families existence, my New York Yankees Vinylmation.  This one has the traditional Mickey silhouette that the vast majority of the Vinylmations feature, and it is wearing a Yankees jersey with over-sized Yankees cap for a head.  One of his ears is a normal ear, but the other is a baseball as well.  The Vinylmation has a serial number but does not state how many of these were made.

Perhaps there should have been a different one for each of the World Series titles they made, or maybe even a set of little rings in the box.  But then the Boston Red Sox Vinylmation I bought for my sister would be jealous so maybe not. ;)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arrr. Here there be pirates

A recent trip to Disney World resulted in a new vinylmation to my collection. This one is the representative of the legendary attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. Movies have been made based on this ride and now there is the vinylmation character.
Obviously it represents the skeletons on in the ride, but now it sits on my shelf reminding me of another wonderful vacation in Disney.