Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That's not a 'Nanner!

Since we seem to have a produce theme going on already I might as well throw another post up that is all about the produce department at my local grocery store.

Once again I give you a labeling issue. Based on the picture to the right you would think that they must be selling a different version of banana than we have ever seen again. At least that's what it seems like to me.  Obviously they really need to work on where they signs are posted for the fruit.

As you can see in this picture there really are bananas there, they just happen to be in the bin ABOVE the mangos.

BTW, this is what real mangos look like, not like this.


Monday, February 4, 2013


Anyone that has seen Pirates of the Caribbean will fondly remember the word "Parley" and the joke that were made about that word.

Once again in the grocery store, yet again the produce section, I stumbled upon proof that you do not have to know how to use spellcheck to work in a grocery store.  I am sure that this is supposed to be "Italian Parsley" but just how rushed do you have to be to miss that you are not selling parsley but instead parley?

Apparently this stuff will want to discuss with you all the reasons you shouldn't cook it as you are preparing your evening meal.  Not really interested in my food having a discussion with me.

Beans already do enough talking on their own.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Back to school with you!

So Mrs. T and I were wandering through our favorite grocery store the other day and I noticed something that just made me laugh.  It was so rediculous that is absolutely had to go on the site.

Last time I looked mangos were a lot more orange and a lot less red.  This, my friend, is what happens when you put teenagers in charge and don't followup.  Either that or the produce stocker is color blind, and a little lacking on the sense of touch.  Tomatoes do NOT feel or look like mangos.  At least none that I have ever seen.  Mrs. T informed me that the really don't taste much alike either.  Have to take her word on that since I am not a fruit eater.

Then again, they are organic mangos, and they may be different that the non-organic ones.