Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A phrase I would love to hear again.

The other day Mrs. T and I went shopping at a local store and had a grand time buying lots of little knick knacks for the grand kids.  As we came out I walked up next to the T-Mobile and heard loud music playing from the vehicle parked next to us.

"Kisd and their loud music." I thought to myself.

Suddenly the music stops and the driver's door swings open, narrowly missing me as the driver climbs out and into me. She was a women in her mid-30's.  Not what I expected with the volume of the music.

And that's when I heard the words that were like music to my ears...

"Oh, I am so sorry.  I didn't see you there!"

For someone my size that is just hard to believe, but also wonderful when someone says they didn't see you. Either way it was music to my ears.

Just not loud music. ;)


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