Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How About A Nice Mug of History?

As I was digging around in the cupboards above the fridge (you know, the place where you put things for safe keeping but never find them again.) I happened across a find from my honeymoon oh so long ago.

We stayed at the Dixie Landings Resort at Walt Disney World.  At that time it was a wonderful place to visit and you received a guide to the resort that included wonderful stories about how the "town" was founded and why there are so many different sections to the resort as well.  I haven't found it, but we may still have our copy of the "newspaper".

What I did find however was our refillable cups.  These cups cost us somewhere around $10 to purchase and fill for the first time.  After that they cost us nothing to refill.  The amazing part of these cups is that not only are they a remembrance of a resort that once was (yes, I know it still exists at Port Orleans - Riverside, but that is not the same thing) but it is actually still refillable.

You can still get insulated mugs at the resorts, but they are all very generic across all the resorts, and only refillable for the length of the stay, at least according to the note on the side.  Ours however are specific to the Dixie Landings resort, and since they predate the new mugs are still refillable any time we return to those resorts!

I have trips planned for next year, but even though we are not staying at the resorts, we will still be taking those with us to refill for old time sake.


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