Friday, October 19, 2012

Oops Did I Do Thaaat?

The wife and I would always watch Family Matters long ago and there was a character on there named Steve Urkel who would always make a mistake and say, "Oops Did I Do Thaaat?"

Well, We were walking past Thunder Mountain taking pictures here and there just working on our camera skills when we both decided we liked a certain area where the ride came out from underground and crossed over a pond.  I took a picture and wasn't pleased with the look at all.  It was too dark and I felt like I was losing some of the details I was looking for in the shot.

So I set up another shot and just as I took my shot the wife took one as well. Amazingly her flash was timed perfectly and suddenly I had this really interesting view into the ride on my camera as well as the details I was looking for from the shadows at the top.

We really didn't time this and she actually thought she had ruined my shot as well. Just proves that sometimes the accidents are the best.


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