Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, Flatus, Where Are Thou?

Working at a government location recently I was treated to one of the most hilarious, and slightly upsetting notices I have seen in a while.

This sign is obviously written for a special group, but it definitely made me laugh to walk into their break room and see this posted on the wall. Clearly they had someone with a problem and they were trying to make a subtle statement.

If all the information on the flyer is correct then there are some really surprising facts.  The big one is that gas can cause back pain.  The other is that if you don't poo enough you could have up to EIGHT meals in your gut.  I know what some of mine were and I don't think I would want them around.

Then again, the fact that there is a website for this is just as disturbing.


1 comment:

Ted said...

ok here is what I say..who cares. that signs says Everyone passes gas! If followed that sign I would poop all day and never eat anything good. Where was this sign!?