Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Weight Loss Post

Anyone who knows me know that I am more than a little heavy.  My heaviest ever was 309lbs. I am aware of the issues this causes and well aware that I need to do something about this problem, but until recently I have not really been inspired to do something about it.

But now I have a plan.  It will not cost me money, in fact it should save me money.  It will take a little bit of my time to get in the habits that need to be in place, but eventually it is worth it. The plan is fairly simple.  Cut my food intake by half (I already eat enough for two at some meals) and become more active.  Some how my life has become very sedentary and this is not good for me. I need to start walking around more and sitting around less.  I need to reduce the intake of high starch, high carb foods and increase veggies.  I will also be throwing in a few fasts as well to kickstart my system once in a while.  I have been reading up on this and as long as I am well hydrated and active this should not be a problem as I have plenty of storage to work off during a fast.

Generally, I will work to eat healthier and be more active. Simple as that.

I am back posting this so that there is a little history and it's a quiet little footnote I can link in the menu.

Below is the weights and dates.

(N) is weight taken undressed, (D) is weight taken dressed.

Date time weight condition
10/15/2012 0640 289.8 (N)
10/9/2012 0835 290.0 (N)

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