Monday, September 10, 2012

Santa Goes To Sea.

Santa seems to have traded in his sleigh.
While on vacation recently we had an opportunity to go to a local private beach and relax.  One of the options for recreation was the use of Sea Kayaks and somehow my family convinced me to take a spin on one of these things.  I should mention that we journeyed out to the beach on a pirate ship, pirate show and everything.  Even more significant to the story is the fact that do to my physical statistics and white beard I was nicknamed "Santa Claus" by the crew of the ship.

Santa and his mob.
So when I went out to get on the little plastic boat with my nephew it was no surprise when the boat decided to not to float.  Well, me and the fact that the boat was cracked and taking on water.  So it was decided to put me in my own boat and let me go off on my adventure.  I think I surprised everyone when I quickly paddled off and stayed out for about 10 minutes before they signaled for me to come back.  What no one knew about me was that I once learned how to use a kayak and like many things the information has been stuck in my head being useless and annoying, until I finally put paddle to water once again.

Never underestimate the techy, he probably knows more than you think.


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