Monday, September 24, 2012

Living With the Land

Good morning gentle readers!

Today I thought I would post random pictures from the Living With The Land ride in Epcot.  If you have never ridden this ride you should probably be told a little about the ride.  This is actually a very special attraction because this ride is all about how science is improving how man can survive in arid places and also how we can live with the land instead of abusing it.  They are actually working on new technologies to cultivate food in places it could never be grown before in ways never tried before.  Imagine tomatoes growing on trees, or five pound lemons.

 We rode this during our one day in the park area, and it happened to be pouring rain outside so it was loud in the green house area of the ride. But this really didn't seem to impact the green house.  Instead it really added to the effect as we were floating around in our boat hearing about all the foods and technology.  As you can see the plants are actually raised in sand instead of normal soil.

Water Chestnut

Miracle Fruit


One of my favorite plants is the cacao plants.  If you are not a a chocoholic you may not recognize this as the plant from which the rich dark elixir of sweetness is derived.  To see them in the natural state before processing you will actually find them rather ugly and have to wonder what made someone actually look at these things and say, "I can make something delicious from that!".

But the ride isn't just about the plants.  It is also about the livestock.  We are talking fish, freshwater shrimp, and alligators.  This area is very large, but is mainly to show how farming of food sources can take place for livestock as well as plants.  Here you can see the sturgeon in their tank.  Sadly , as you can see, they are pretty scrawny.

Smile for the camera!

Some of the fish really got into the photo session as you can see from the photo to the right.


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Ted said...

Been there done that! It has changed a lot it seems. BUT, I remember the Cacao plant. They even opened the a pot hanging on the tree. Stii didn't like the chocolate we eat. But it was cool.