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While at Epcot we made sure to attend the nightly showing of IllumiNations.  If you have never seen this show yu should make every effort to go.  Epcot itself is an incredible park, but the finale for the night is a laser, fireworks, fire, and music extravaganza that must be seen to be believed.

Inferno barge earns it's name
In the late evening they float out several barges of different types and purposes in the lagoon that the World Showcase surrounds.  This includes the inferno barge, the globe barge, and numerous pyrotechnic barges.  With the exception of the globe barge all are anchored in the lagoon in very specific spots.  The globe barge is temporarily anchored near the band shell in the American pavilion.

Inferno and pyrotechnics
At show time they will extinguish the lights and an incredible show begins.  Fireworks are fired pneumatically from the barges to avoid have the usual stream of sparks as the pyrotechnic climbs into the sky, and the inferno barge, loaded with propane and lots of nozzles, lights up the lagoon and heats of the onlookers.

Globe moving into position
As the first section of the show comes to a close the globe barge is lit up and driven into position in the center of the lagoon.  This globe is covered in LEDs and projects moving pictures of people, locations, and animals in motion throughout the rest of the show.  It is an amazing piece of technology and I hear that is the most complex piece of equipment in Disney's inventory.

Globe in position and lit up
As the show progresses we begin to see lasers fired from buildings surrounding the lagoon and through smoke and choas in the middle of the lagoon.  These are used to create images and textures in the smoke as well as write messages on the globe.

If you ever get to attend I would recommend a location that has a clear view, especially one that is not blocked by one of the little islands, and more importantly is upwind of the lagoon.  If the wind is blowing in your face you WILL get a lungful of smoke from the fireworks.

My good friend Jared actually used my still camera while I streamed the show during this visit and you can thank him for all these great shots you see here.

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you get to see this one day.  In the meantime if you search YouTube for videos of the show you will find a multitude to enjoy.


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