Monday, August 27, 2012

Signs and more

Just thought I would take a break from writing the book sized posts and give you a quick few words about Disney California Adventure park as well as a random picture that should make Mrs. T laugh as well.

First, Let's talk about the bathroom signs in the Pacific Pier area.  I mean really, why is it that the lady on the Women's sign has a 12 pound fish and the guy on the Men's sign only has a tiny little minnow?  Is this some kind of statement regarding fishing skills?  Sheesh.  ;)

And now for something vaguely related...

Not far from those restrooms was a imitation net of fish being pulled from the water below.  Attached to this net was a walkway so you could walk in and have your picture taken in that net with the fake fish.  Mrs. T gamely agreed to do this however, since I am under strict orders not to post her picture without out prior written authorization... in triplicate, I will instead post the picture of me in that net with those fish. As you can tell I was more than willing to ham it up as well.

And finally I wish to provide actual positive that I do actually eat fruit once in a while.  We ate at the bakery and cafe right by that same net, and those restrooms, and the breakfast platters we selected also came with slices of oranges to munch on as well.  Here you see the famous wild American Geek actually eating something healthy.  Shortly after eating this healthy treat he was seen returning to standard fare of coke and Mickey Ice Cream Bars.


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