Friday, August 3, 2012

My Latest Parking Ticket

So I was onsite with a customer recently and as I returned to my rental car after a long, very long, day in the office working on fixing problems, configuring servers, and updating software I found this brightly colored piece of paper on my drivers window.

Obviously I have blocked out the address on the ticket to keep the location hidden you can see that this is a parking ticket and that I have been cited for something.  Unfortunately, the written text is not visible in this picture, mostly because it was barely visible in real life.  I had to get this out in the sun for a nice bright light to barely read "Parking is for visitors only" written in the Location field.

Come again?  I had no parking pass, I was parked in the visitor lot, and I was definitely not an employee.  Obviously someone was a bit mistaken and over zealous when writing me this ticket.

We did get this worked out and it was sorted out to the fact that the landlord had not yet gotten my access turned on even though their system said it had and so security thought I was as an employee although I am actually a visitor.

But only after I had the Duh message of the week.


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