Monday, July 16, 2012

Attitude or Education?

This picture is from the airport. As you look at the picture above I hope that you will see the same irony that I do.  In case you don't see it, there are two perfectly able bodied human beings on that bench.  Behind the bench is a sign that states that the area is for the handicapped travelers.  It should be noted that I took this from my seat surrounded by lots of empty seats, and those particular seats in the picture are the closest to the gate

Sadly, I see this all the time, and I am puzzled by why people feel they are so entitled to sitting close the gate that they will sit down and take up space in an area clearly marked for those who truly need to be closer because of their disability.

I will admit that I recently parked my can in a disabled seating area at a airport, but in that case there were very few other non disabled seats, and a massive amount of disabled seating (about half of the seats in the seating area were marked as disabled for some reason) so I had to take a seat in the disabled area.  However, these people walked up past all the empty non-disabled seats and plopped their backsides down in the disabled area.

I have to wonder what causes someone tho act this way.  Is this because they can't read, or is it because they feel so entitled that they will sit there anyway?


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