Friday, July 20, 2012

A Rainbow Connection

I was working with a client in Miami last week and one morning it poured during the commute.  It seems that  Miami had a small problem with drainage if it rains more than a sprinkle.  The intersections become shallow lakes and the streets running streams. But it also brings a wonderful fresh scent to the air and a cooling temperature as well.

I drove all of 5 minutes in this and as I sat down in the cubical assigned to me I unpacked all my gear and settled in for another day of pushing bits around the network.  I looked up and there was a site to behold that drew all of us to the windows.

A rainbow!  The rain had left and with the sun coming out we were not being treated to a rainbow.  Not only a single rainbow, but there was also a very faint second rainbow on the outside of the first.

All the water we just drove in through is quickly forgotten when that arc of color is displayed.

One of my favorite memories of that trip.


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