Monday, June 4, 2012

An old time reminder.

I apologize for the missed posts recently.  I can only say that sometimes life gets in the way.  Both with writing posts and taking pictures.

However, I now have a lot of material and will have the weeks post up and on time.

This picture was taken during our recent trip to the Amana Colonies in Amana, Iowa.  If you have ever bought an Amana branded picture (refrigerator,air conditioner, stove, etc)  then you have probably purchased a product from the Amana Colonies. ;)

We go out there once in a while because they have lots of quaint little stores with lots of crafts, lots of wineries, a phenomenal brewery, and loads of restaurants.  The last being the draw for us this last trip.  There is just something about having a family-style breakfast at the Colony Inn that just fills the tummy (to over flowing) and gives you energy for the browsing and shopping.

There are plenty of different little shops, and this particular shot was taken out from of an antique store.  Since it was Memorial Day there were flags in front of a lot of the shops and this picture just made me think of an old time store.

Do you have someplace to visit that you look forward to all the time?


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