Monday, June 11, 2012

Here Birdy Birdy!

The blue bird of hope and love
One of the highlights of our trip to Amana was a guided tour of the local forests.  It turns out that the Amana Colonies is actually a very large area (20+ square mile) and good deal of that is old growth forest.  This means that the trees are older than 100 years old and that makes for an interesting area to walk through, especially with the knowledgeable guidance of Maria Koschmeder, a botanist, to lead us.

However, the main reason for that walk was bird watching.  Maria was surprised that we showed up without binoculars, and instead all had cameras.  She was somewhat skeptical that we were going to get any shots at all since the birds are usually hard to find as it is, let alone get a shot of them.

We were told this red bird was seen rarely.
We saw 4 of them.
Little did she know that we are REALLY good at finding things and getting pictures.  Although the pictures aren't what I would have liked, they are good and surprisingly clear.

Do I know my birds?  No.  Did I have a great time?  OH YEAH!

If you ever have a chance to go out to Amana and would like to have a personalized walk in the woods be sure to contact Maria at Walking Stick Adventures.  It will be worth your time!

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Ted said...

Birds! I have got to go on this walk and add to my lift list of birds