Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At Ease Disease...

...there's a fungus among us!
The seed delivery system.

Yeah, that's a very old, corny saying that we all heard as children, but in this case it is also an appropriate phrase.  Yep, we are talking fungus!!

Enter the slugs.
As we continued our journey through the forest Maria continued to point out so much more than just the birds.  We saw the change in how the forest looked, and also the various plants that were growing there as well.  We talked about how mushrooms worked, (what we are used to seeing as a mushroom is actually only the seed delivery system, not the actual plant) and also how slugs and other bugs survive in a dry season (the rotting logs soak up moisture when it rains and this keeps the critters in moisture while they wait for the next storm).

Jelly fungus.
The other fungus I have for you is something a Jelly Fungus.  This crazy little bit of ick really does feel like you have some jelly in your hand as you touch it.  It looks like a cross of brains and snot, feels like slime.  Very weird.

Check in Friday for the next in our forest walk.  I promise to be a little racy this time. ;)


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