Friday, June 29, 2012

What happens when...

As I finished a bottle of water recently I set it down on the car seat next to me and headed into the client office and thinking nothing more of it.

However, when I came bock out at the end of the day I discovered that while I was inside Mother Nature had turned up the oven to 550 degrees and set it to convection.  It was HOT!

As I climbed into the car and started I looked at the seat next to me and discovered that the empty water bottle was no longer square but quite round.

The next morning I decided to up the ante with the bottle and left it on the very black and VERY hot dashboard of the car instead of on the nice comfy seat.

To the left you can see the results...

The bottle is now and outty instead of an inny!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Someone seems to be a bit confused.

Once again bathrooms figure into the blog.

As I was heading into the restroom at a client's office this week, I saw this sign on the door.  Apparently someone somewhere lost track of the meaning of the word "Automatic".

Once again proving that the English language is doomed.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Hmmm, What can I say?

Had to use the restroom recently and when I entered I was stunned to see what you see pictured here. I really wasn't sure what to say about someone actually running the toilet paper out and instead of even taking the roll off they just placed the new roll on the old now-empty roll.

Just amazing.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Parking lessons anyone?

The wife and I recently went shopping at a local store and since she was "just going to run in real quick"  I decided to hang out in the car while she "ran in".  As I parked I noticed a lady parked in front of my on the cell phone.  The part that caught my eye was the fact that she had only pulled in half way and continued to talk away on the phone while her children seemed to run loose in the vehicle. I continued to watch for over 10 minutes as she talked and the kids ran rampant.

Finally she hung up the phone, packed up the kids and headed into the store... without moving the vehicle.  She even looked down at the lines in the parking lot, looked at me, and then headed in the store.

I just had to look at how bad the parking job was and so I slipped out of the car and walked around the back.  No wonder the vehicles were having a tough time driving up that aisle.

Some people just seem to be so inconsiderate.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Time to get sexy!

I promised to get a little more racy in this post, and now I shall deliver.  I give you BUG PORN!!

Yes, indeed as we were walking through the forest we stumbled upon a most intimate moment for two flies.  We initially thought that it was an odd metallic bug, but as I focused in with the lens I realized it was two flies getting busy on the log.

The funny thing is we weren't the only ones watching the flies, if you look at the second photo you may notice that there is another insect crawling up the log toward the flies as they enjoyed themselves.

Well, I am sure it is not all that you expected, but I am sure it was better than another picture of jelly fungus. ;)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At Ease Disease...

...there's a fungus among us!
The seed delivery system.

Yeah, that's a very old, corny saying that we all heard as children, but in this case it is also an appropriate phrase.  Yep, we are talking fungus!!

Enter the slugs.
As we continued our journey through the forest Maria continued to point out so much more than just the birds.  We saw the change in how the forest looked, and also the various plants that were growing there as well.  We talked about how mushrooms worked, (what we are used to seeing as a mushroom is actually only the seed delivery system, not the actual plant) and also how slugs and other bugs survive in a dry season (the rotting logs soak up moisture when it rains and this keeps the critters in moisture while they wait for the next storm).

Jelly fungus.
The other fungus I have for you is something a Jelly Fungus.  This crazy little bit of ick really does feel like you have some jelly in your hand as you touch it.  It looks like a cross of brains and snot, feels like slime.  Very weird.

Check in Friday for the next in our forest walk.  I promise to be a little racy this time. ;)


Monday, June 11, 2012

Here Birdy Birdy!

The blue bird of hope and love
One of the highlights of our trip to Amana was a guided tour of the local forests.  It turns out that the Amana Colonies is actually a very large area (20+ square mile) and good deal of that is old growth forest.  This means that the trees are older than 100 years old and that makes for an interesting area to walk through, especially with the knowledgeable guidance of Maria Koschmeder, a botanist, to lead us.

However, the main reason for that walk was bird watching.  Maria was surprised that we showed up without binoculars, and instead all had cameras.  She was somewhat skeptical that we were going to get any shots at all since the birds are usually hard to find as it is, let alone get a shot of them.

We were told this red bird was seen rarely.
We saw 4 of them.
Little did she know that we are REALLY good at finding things and getting pictures.  Although the pictures aren't what I would have liked, they are good and surprisingly clear.

Do I know my birds?  No.  Did I have a great time?  OH YEAH!

If you ever have a chance to go out to Amana and would like to have a personalized walk in the woods be sure to contact Maria at Walking Stick Adventures.  It will be worth your time!

Woodpecker home


Friday, June 8, 2012

Reflecting on reality

As I was walking down the street I saw this mailbox post that included a reflection ball.  On the way past it just captured my eye, and the kid in me just had to keep watching it as I walked by. On the way back I just had to stop and take a photo.  To the left you see the post and to the right a close-up of the mirror ball in the post.

If you want to get really close you can see me taking the photo.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

April Showers...

OK, May is now over, but the flowers did get photographed in May.

But while walking around in Amana, I took a few shots of the blooms along the walkways.  I may not be able to tell you what flowers are what, but I can tell you that the flowers were beautiful and really brought life to the walkways.

Enjoy the blooms and may they bring a splash of color to your day.


Monday, June 4, 2012

An old time reminder.

I apologize for the missed posts recently.  I can only say that sometimes life gets in the way.  Both with writing posts and taking pictures.

However, I now have a lot of material and will have the weeks post up and on time.

This picture was taken during our recent trip to the Amana Colonies in Amana, Iowa.  If you have ever bought an Amana branded picture (refrigerator,air conditioner, stove, etc)  then you have probably purchased a product from the Amana Colonies. ;)

We go out there once in a while because they have lots of quaint little stores with lots of crafts, lots of wineries, a phenomenal brewery, and loads of restaurants.  The last being the draw for us this last trip.  There is just something about having a family-style breakfast at the Colony Inn that just fills the tummy (to over flowing) and gives you energy for the browsing and shopping.

There are plenty of different little shops, and this particular shot was taken out from of an antique store.  Since it was Memorial Day there were flags in front of a lot of the shops and this picture just made me think of an old time store.

Do you have someplace to visit that you look forward to all the time?