Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A kickin' good time!

That's kicking it, right there.
Last weekend I was invited to watch my niece and her soccer team play at 8AM on a Saturday.  As most of my readers know, I live in Nebraska.  8AM in May usually means that it is only going to be around 60degrees Fahrenheit and, as is normal for the Midwest, a cold breeze out of the northeast to chill us down even further.  When I arrived the preceding game was still being played, and all spectators were sitting in chairs with snuggled into blankets while the boys on the field ran around in shorts and short sleeve shirts.

See that focus?

The girls were off on the other side of the field getting ready for another game.  This was the next to last game for them and they were hoping to at least score their second goal for the season.  What happened next was a game that saw them score 3 goals (even if the ref says it was only 2) and play the entire game without replacements.

These girls were amazing.  They played hard, even though they weren't very experienced at the game.  My niece was a champ and I got some great photos from the game.  They did lose, but I still feel like they won since they got out there and played regardless of the outcome.

I am so proud of her I just had to post these pictures of her.  I can't wait to see how they do at their last game of the season.

Way to go girls, you win just because you were there.



Ted said...

Nice job!

Malikont said...

Thanks! It helps that the subjects are so cute in the first place.

Ted said...

So... what are you going to enter inot the State Fair