Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Which one is mine?

I was walking along the street recently and I saw this sign beside the sidewalk and of course my mind just HAD to go there. As I read the sign and looked at the stairs all I could think was...
Which step is mine to watch?

I feel so ashamed that my mind can't behave itself at times like this.  But that passes quickly and I find myself amused.

What amuses you?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Quest for the Holy Ale

There is a new beer in town and it's good!

True to their tongue in cheek approach to humour Monty Python has released a beer for the masses. The perfect use for this wonderful ale is to pop the movie in the DVD player and then pop the cap off a bottle of this tasty little concoction.  Word is that this is actually hard to find because of the name and the quality.

I certainly enjoyed it.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traveling on...

Although the title might might lead you to think that I have given up on this long term experiment in verbosity, I regret to inform you that it is not so. Neener neener.

What it does allude to is the fact that today's post has pictures of railroad tracks.  Those tracks somewhere and the mind seems to automatically wonder where they lead and what adventures might be around the next bend in the tracks. Not only do they stir the mind, but they almost beckon you to come and explore where they come from and where they lead.

Years ago there were people called hobos that traveled these rails.  Our culture romanticized their life and we heard tales of the men who traveled the rails and saw the world while leading a care free life.  There were many young boys that heard about the hobos and planned lives on the rails.  Especially after they learned that there were no showers, and you went to bed whenever you wanted, all while being in the company of your favorite little dog.

Then reality hit... candy costs money and hobo ain't got none. So they all decided to the circus instead.

In the meantime, we still have our dreams and memories.


Monday, May 21, 2012


I was driving back to the house the other day and noticed this peony growing through the fence.  Since I have the new camera, I thought it was worthy of further investigation and documentation.  I parked and walked back to the fence and made these pictures of the work of a flower to gain freedom from the garden.

As you can see, this flower was determined to live a life free from constraints and in the big bold world.

As I took these pictures a bicyclist rode by and said something that has stuck in my mind ever since...

"The most beautiful flowers can only grow outside the bars."

Somehow that seems to be so appropriate in so many ways.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Lights in the sky.

The other night while I was taking pictures of the moon on the roof of the building, I also took the time to take other pictures like this nice one of the office building sitting near the Aksarben Village area and the spotlights running at the Aksarben Theater.  The interesting part is that the light pollution in the sky has turned the sky orange and the spotlights are creating a series of beams in the sky.

This may be one of my favourite shots I have taken thus far, at least night shots.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A kickin' good time!

That's kicking it, right there.
Last weekend I was invited to watch my niece and her soccer team play at 8AM on a Saturday.  As most of my readers know, I live in Nebraska.  8AM in May usually means that it is only going to be around 60degrees Fahrenheit and, as is normal for the Midwest, a cold breeze out of the northeast to chill us down even further.  When I arrived the preceding game was still being played, and all spectators were sitting in chairs with snuggled into blankets while the boys on the field ran around in shorts and short sleeve shirts.

See that focus?

The girls were off on the other side of the field getting ready for another game.  This was the next to last game for them and they were hoping to at least score their second goal for the season.  What happened next was a game that saw them score 3 goals (even if the ref says it was only 2) and play the entire game without replacements.

These girls were amazing.  They played hard, even though they weren't very experienced at the game.  My niece was a champ and I got some great photos from the game.  They did lose, but I still feel like they won since they got out there and played regardless of the outcome.

I am so proud of her I just had to post these pictures of her.  I can't wait to see how they do at their last game of the season.

Way to go girls, you win just because you were there.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Consider yourself mooned.

  On May 5th, 2012 the Moon reached perigee and we were treated to a special view. 

For those less techinical, the Moon actually orbits in an oval around the Earth, not a circle.  That means that at any time the Moon is moving back and forth in distance from the Earth and the percieved size of the Moon changes with that distance.

On May the 5th the Moon reached the closest point in its orbit AND was at full, which has not happened in a long time.

I happen to have close friends who are also shutter bugs and who have access to the roof of a large building that is several stories tall and sits on top of a hill.  This leads to some beautiful shots of the moon.  My only regret is that my skills with the new camera do not to the moment justice and I am still learning to use photo processing tools to make the shot even better. Still waiting to find out how crazy things got while the Moon was full.

At least this moon wasn't hairy. ;)


Friday, May 11, 2012

I always thought it meant optional.

Recently I received a picture from a reader that fit in perfrectly with the theme of the blog.  There has always been an old saying (fictional of course) that white border means optional when talking about stop signs.  Well not only is this stop sign optional, it's practically not there. Imagine pulling up to this sign one day.  What do you do?

I say pause, check for traffic, and move on. Especially if it's in a snowstorm. ;)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It finally came to this...

Went to a local sandwich shop the other day and as I started to order I realized that there was a rather unique sign.  What does it mean when a place has to post this type of sign?  It means that maybe we can get through the line faster since the people on the phones won't be talking to someone on the phone instead of talking to the person preparing the food, resulting in a wait for the rest of us.

So glad to see that someone is taking a stand for the rest of us.


Monday, May 7, 2012

All the time?

Went to lunch with customers the other day.  As we were all sitting there eating I noticed this sign between the doors inside the restaurant.  It seems that there is a requirement to keep the doors open.  But then I had to think... "What about when it is after hours?"

It seems to me that after hours I would rather keep the doors closed and locked so I can clean up in peace while the guests stay outside and where they can't get in the way.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Illiteracy at it's worse?

 The other day I was working at a local company and as I left from the building I noticed that there were a large number of vehicles waiting in line outside the building.  I have to assume that they were all waiting to pickup their loved ones and get on with the day.

But then I noticed that the signs posted in the front of the first vehicle.  There are two signs there and they are indicating where the vehicles can be parked, stopped, or standing.  Surprisingly, EVERY vehicle was sitting in the "No Parking, Stopping, or Standing" area while ignoring the "No Parking, Passenger Loading Zone" sign.

Don't believe me?  Look at the first picture above and then look at the blown up picture to the left.  There are no cars to the left of the pole, and the sign says No Parking to the right.

Guess illiteracy really is a major problem in this country. Go figure.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hmmm, sounds like a nifty trick.

Walking through downtown Sioux Falls, SD tonight I noticed this nice little landscaped area that had several plants, clean mulch, and really cool landscaping bricks.  It was actually nice to see in the midst of the downtown area, and really looked lovely.  The brick of the building was a nice contrast to the mulch and plants.  As I gazed at the whole view I noticed something on the wall.

Apparently the painters were a little disoriented when they were working and painted the sign on the wall. Unless Tri-State Electric is driving lawn mowers that is.