Friday, April 20, 2012

Pining for the cones

While taking a leisurely stroll through the park that I mentioned in a previous post I also took other pictures that just deserved their own post. As we were taking pictures and wandering one thing stuck out in the pictures, and that was that the fog was sticking to the branches, needles, and other surfaces.  This led to some wonderful pictures.

First up is one that actually doesn't have that dew but it does have the beauty of nature.  This pine cone was hanging all by itself on the tree, and just seemed to be the one last stubborn cone that would be there if I were to check back again next year.

The next photo is all about the dew and the cones.  As you can see the dew has attached itself to the needles, but the surprise that awaited when I looked at the photos on the computer was that the spiders had been busy as well.  The addition of the spider webs really makes this picture that much more interesting.

The last picture will be a closeup of the bottom of the branch from the previous picture.  I love the water droplets attached to the pine needles and the look of the flowers on the branches.

 I said it once and will say it again..

Get outside and enjoy the world.


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Ted said...

Love the needle photos. You don't get a chance everyday to take that kind of picture. Who knew there were so many spiders hanging around!