Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am ready for my closeup...

I recently purchased a new camera.  There are a few of my readers that will be excited by that news.  Trust me, we will be taking photowalks soon.

But with that new camera was 3 new lenses as well.  The wife and I were having fun taking pictures with the old camera I used and the new camera and decided to try them out on her lily.  I decided to try this with the 50mm prime lens (Prime means that it is not adjustable from 50mm) and use manual focus to setup the shot.  I really miss being able to set the zoom and focus myself.  The shots you see in this post are closeups I took with the 50 and I would love to hear your thoughts on which is better.

As I am sure you can tell I changed the focus from the outside of the flower to the throat and I like the look, but I am not sure I like the results with that shot.

Let me know what you think.


1 comment:

Ted said...

I like the second one. The general rule I learned is if the foreground is out of focus is not as pleasing to the eye. which do you like better.