Monday, April 9, 2012

Get your ducks in a row.

You know how we have that saying about getting all your ducks in a row?  Well I had a chance to see it in action the other day. The wife and I were out taking a walk and shooting photos of the various wildlife and landscape we saw on the way.  There was an amazing amount of waterfowl in the several lakes and ponds, and we made sure to get as many pictures as we could of them.  As you can see the ducks were well organized and ready, although I am not quite sure for what.

Not much further down the path we entered and area of the park that had a lot of flowering trees, and the setting sun was peaking in to the branches.  This had the effect of lighting up the blossoms and creating this great effect with the petals.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.  If you aren't getting out and seeing the beautiful effects of spring then what are you waiting for?!?

Now stop reading this blog and get up and get going.


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