Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That is some serious inflation!

So the other day I went to buy some Kahlua and a bottle of vanilla.  The total was such a shock I took a picture to prove it really happened. A whopping 215.00 for two items!  But we figured that the price was worth the items since they were gifts for friends.  But 215.00?!?!
Then we went to get lunch from Johnny Rockets.  The menu had us gasping for breath. $165 for a burger and fries?!?  Although I must admit these "American Fries" are much better than the french version.  We bought our meals and ate them with much gusto.  I have to admit, it was probably the best >$100 burger I have eaten.

But then we saw the following sign that seemed to explain it all.

Yep, we were in Mexico.

Thank God, I though maybe inflation had finally caught up with us.



Ted said...

First: a very well written article. I figured out the US price for the Kahlua, a real savings. Not so much for the burger and fries. Nice job.

Malikont said...

Ah, but the burger was pretty good. Especially after all the "fancy" food the resort fed us.