Monday, March 5, 2012

The glass is quite cool.

 Over the years I have heard that old saw about the glass being either half empty or half full.  Based on my experience on my recent vacation I actully find that the glass is actually quite cool.

As we were on our Cancun vacation I found myself taking unusual pictures and one set I took was centered around three glasses on our table at dinner one night.  They started the evening with a glass of sparkling wine, then a glass of water, and finally a glass of wine.  The room was particularly stuffy and humid so the glasses quickly had condensation on them and that lead me to taking pictures of them.  The glasses seem to glow from the back lighting and the beads of water provide a wonderful texture to the surfaces.

There was a unique centerpiece that looked like a candle but actually was a box made of stone or some other material that had an LED in it which provides a nice textured background for these shots. and I love the way that the texture from the centerpiece plays through the glass itself.



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