Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Geek Humour

Anybody who knows me knows that I am truly a geek.  A nerd by any measure.  I have that slightly off center sense of humour that rules the geek world.  We geeks are proud of our lot in life and over time we have become the chic as well.

I recently was onsite with a customer and witnessed an excellent example of that humour.  The team I was working with had been moved within the building several times, and had finally landed in this area that included a support pole in the middle of the cubicles.  You can see this pole pictured to the right in this first picture.  In true geek fashion they choose to mock that which could be considered a detriment to the traffic in the aisle, and have fun at it's expense.  As you can see they have a thermostat and a piece of paper on this pole.  The thermostat is not, by any measure, of their making.  However, the paper most certainly is of their making.  I shall not say anything more about that paper than note that it was a moment of comic genius.

Although I must say "Very Supportive" is one of my favorites.

Well done team, well done.


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