Monday, March 12, 2012

BSoD: In the interest of fairness

I have posted a few messages previously that highlight what is commonly know as a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).  This is a situation where the Windows operating system crashes and displays a blue screen with white text detailing the error condition.  In the interest of fairness I will post a first for me..  a fail screen for Unix in a public location.

I went into a local fast food restaurant for lunch the other day and as I am looking at the menu I notice there is a little problem with reading it.  As you can see, the center screen has crashed and revealed that they are running the system on a unix based system.  I have to admit that this is very unusual since the unix systems are generally more stable and easier to recover.  The funny part is that the staff is not even trying to fix this at all.  they are running around helping customers and seemingly unaware of the issue.

Glad to see that this is happening everywhere and to everyone.


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