Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WineStyles - Ben Hogan tasting

Good Morning!  I thought we could start our week on a fun note.

Over the past year I have done several posts about the local WineStyles in Omaha for various reasons. I recently attended a specialty tasting that focused on the Ben Hogan Tribute series of California wines.  The wines were paired with home cooked dishes that came from recipes sent by the vintner. As usual this was an relaxing evening with a few friends, great food, and great wines.

The first wine of the night was the 2009 Chardonnay.  This wine is a fine example of an oaked chardonnay.  It has the buttery feel and the creamy taste one would expect, and the scent was absolutely delicious. We had this paired with slices of bruscetta made from a french bread that had been bias cut, buttered and touched with a bit of olive oil, toasted, and then covered in toasted pine nuts.  The combination was perfect and it really brought out the flavors in both the food and the wine.

Next up was a tasty 2008 Zinfandel that was paired with pizza. Yes, PIZZA! Of course this pizza had barbeque sauce, onions, and chicken on it.  Ir was a great pairing since the pizza complimented the peppery tang of the zin wonderfully.  This wine was a fine example of the zinfandel and the taste you want from a grape of this type.

 Third in line from this awesome tasting is the quirky but oh so addictive 2008 Carnustie.  This wine with the funny name is no laughing matter.  It has the strength of Syrah, the body of Cab Sav, and the finish of Merlot and that all combines to create a wine with flavor, bouquet, and finish.  Combine this with the tasty treat of proscuitto, apple slices, and bleu cheese.  Even those who don't like bleu cheese had to admit that this was an great dish, and the zing from the Carnustie just took up up a notch or two.

Batting clean-up for this quartet was the 2008 Syrah.  Although we had this in strength in the previous wine, this syrah was a solid finish and paired with the lamb meatballs the grape just exploded and tasted even better. This syrah had the expected strength and bite that I find in a good syrah, but the finish didn't you regretting the wine.

All the great dishes were cooked for us by Jen, part of the team at WineStyles, and she did a phenomenal job with serving the food as well.  There were a few people with allergy issues and she adjusted the dishes on the fly to allow everyone to enjoy according to what they could eat.

Throughout the night we enjoyed jokes, stories, and fellowship as only WineStyles can provide.  Bob was a great host and he made it easy to relax and learn about these wines.  I have always loved the chardonnay in the tribute series, but it was even better to have with its sister wines as well.

Of course we didn't stop there and had several wines after the tasting as well.  Although I won't go into what we had, I will say we had a great time with the tasting and our friends from WineStyles all the ones we have known for so long...

... and our new ones.

I can't say it enough, get to WineStyles and see who you can meet, what you can drink,  and what you can learn.

See you there.



Anonymous said...

Nice post Andy! That was a great evening. I can't wait for the next one... Mardi Gras themed!

Malikont said...

Thanks, We all had a great time and Mardi Gras sounds like a great theme. Hmmm, what can we do for that party? Jambalaya?