Friday, February 17, 2012

We know what kind of plan this is...

So I was driving up to Sioux Falls from Omaha the other day and realized that I was out of water and needed a snack and a break, but not in that order.  I decide to stop at this truck stop on the south side of Sioux City (aka Sewer City many years ago, but that's another story) and take care of the situation.  I pull in and the place looks like a ghost town.  There were signs all over the place telling me that everything in this case is 50% off.  This case is 30% off.  The shelves are pretty much empty and the cooler is almost empty too. Looks like I picked a bad time to visit.

Before I have time to search for anything I must first relieve myself of all the water I have already consumed.  I enter the men's room and belly up to the urinal.  Like most truck stop men's rooms, there are these large boxes hanging over the urinals that accept change.  First thing I notice about these is that they are big, black, and have a mirror like plate on the front  You can see them to the left here.

The next thing I noticed was the little sign stuck in the corner.  Being the voracious reader that I am, and not really having much else to do at the moment, I proceed to read the little sticker.  I then have to stifle a laugh because laughing and aim are not in the same activity area.  I then finish and lift the nice little cover.  It seems that they were trying to protect the guests from seeing these crazy things because, yes, it was a condom and toy machine.  Suddenly I have to question what kind of planning these are really meant for.

Hope your family plan is better then theirs.


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