Friday, February 24, 2012

Review - Lenz Moser Prestige Blauer Zweigelt Reserve 2008

I have a new flavor that I just want to taste again.

Last year my good friends went to Austria (that would be the country in Europe, not the continent) and brought back a sampling of the red wines they could find there.  The key to these wines is that these particular wines are not generally available outside of Austria.  I can find a source in Germany, but they cannot ship to the US because of our laws.  Fortunately these wonderful friends gave me a bottle for my birthday.  This is the sign of a friend who really loves you, they give from the heart and wine cellar.

The gift I received was a bottle of Lenz Moser Prestige Blauer Zweigelt Reserve 2008.  This long name just doesn't matter as much as the product inside that bottle. This is a red wine and I had been told that this wine was good, but I was not prepared for how good this wine really tastes. Highly rated, this wine is delicious beyond belief.  There are at least 4 flavors floating around in your mouth as you drink.  There are tannins, but they don't hurt the wine at all, they only make it better.  The finish is fruit forward and lingers lovingly on your palatte making you want more.  I found myself remembering the taste the next day and wishing that I had another bottle waiting for me that night.

 To my awesome friends Mike and Corinna, thank you very much.  You gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received.  When you go back again, I will be giving you money to bring more back. If you don't mind lugging it that is. ;)


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