Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Happy New Year!

So normally I would have had a new post up here bright and early this morning, and  I was actually going to work on it last night.  However, thanks to teh work of some low-life hacker, I spent last night and all today trying to recover this computer to a state where I could make this little post.  I am mostly back up and running, and I should be live with new posts starting Wednesday.

The weekend came and went so fast.  The holidays can be pretty tough since I have a large family and a lot of gatherings to attend.  What makes it even more busy is that I have been working out of town all of December as well.  But through all that my wife and I spent time together on the couch watching parades and previously recorded episodes of Chuck (Hey, what do you know, it's getting better!).  I hope all of you, the few readers I have, had a great holiday season, and that you are set to start a new year with enthusiasm and great hope for the future.

I would like the first post of the year to be a positive start to the year, so let me just finish this post and start the year with this one thing...

Go make a difference in someone's world, maybe your own or someone else's, but just make a difference.


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