Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homeless in Hawaii

Apparently the State of Hawaii has a little problem with homeless.  Due to the very high cost of living in the paradise state, many people resort to simply camping on the beach to survive.  Not that you can blame them since the mercury never really drops to a cold point, although you would have to deal with tsunamis, hurricanes, and rain storms.

But apparently these people are pretty good at flaunting the rules as well. A closer look at the same picture reveals that some of these people have not only decided to setup camp here, but are actually setting up house on the beach.  Take this person for example.  They have a portable garage setup, the laundry hanging out, and a little greenery to spruce the place up.
But wait, what does that sign read?
The following is prohibited:
Alcoholic beverages
Vehicles on grass
Open Fires

Hmm, pretty gutsy to be setting up camp like that in front of the sign that tells you not to camp.  Never mind, it's not about them.

Maybe that's actually Occupy Hawaii.


(Note: this is not a commentary on the homeless people, but rather a humorous/ironic look at the sign and the camping. I sincerely hope they do find a place to live and a way out of their situation.)

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