Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Denver kind of day...

So I was thinking about what to write for today's post and I came across these pictures I took at Denver International Airport some time ago.

The first was one I took while relaxing on one of the under utilized overhead waiting areas.  These places are usually devoid of other humans, and chairs are few and far between.  But they do provide a great view of the terminal and a much quieter place to wait for your flight.  I think one of the main reasons they are so under used is that there isn't a lot of signage to indicate that there is seating etc up there.  As you can see here, I did catch this at a slow time at DIA. Normally there is no end to the sea of humanity waiting at the gates to fly off on some new adventure or return home from the same.

 This second picture was taken with a different purpose.  Obviously there is an aircraft in the picture, but do you notice the person in the safety vest in the picture? How about what said person in the safety vest is resting his posterior?  Or the fact that said person in the safety vest, who is resting on his posterior, is sitting in the middle of the taxiway?  This is a true picture, unmodified, and it really did happen.  He did get up a few seconds later and direct this same aircraft into the gate with those same two sticks.  Click on the picture to get a better look at the whole thing.

Sometimes life just hands you material. :D

-- TT

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