Friday, January 6, 2012

Apparently there is another "Casual"

So I am walking through the mall and looking at all the various stores are there and what they carry.  Most have names that tel you exactly what is in that store.  The hair store that is named Great Clips, the shoe store named Branson Shoes.  All with names that represent what they are selling to you.

Then there was this store.  FT Casuals... sounds like I should find slacks, blouses, jackets, and various sundry pieces of clothing for the women out there that are looking to be stylish, and yet also comfortable.

Something like Abercromby & Fitch, or American Eagle, maybe even Old Navy, right?

The problem is if you look at the window dressing you quickly see that their interpretation of the word casual seems to be a bit more... glamorous.  Something like what you might see in the clubs or even at a nice party.

I don't know about you , but this is not casual.  the other window on the other side was ever fancier, but my phone camera really didn't take a good picture.  Sometimes I think companies name themselves just to have something above the door, and this one looks like one of those.

Happy shopping!


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