Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And the Meeker shall inherit the earth...

Had a wonderful dinner a while back with our dear friends, who shall remain nameless, and they served us steak and vegetables with an incredibly tasty merlot.

Not much more than a year ago I learned the wonders of drinking wine and prior to that I was convinced that the best wine I would ever partake of was a nice moscato.  Anyone who knows wines knows that moscato is a VERY sweet white wine, which also gives you a good idea of the type of wine person I was at the time.  After an encounter with wines on a cruise I suddenly developed a taste for better wines and within 7 months I was drinking things like Malbec and Merlot.

I have since tasted some great wines and some very not so great wines.  I have even tasted the infamous Opus One (pretty good, but I wish I had not had to taste it after the other wines).  However, the wine we were served at this particular dinner was a wonderful Merlot from Meeker wines.  This was the Winemaker's Handprint Merlot.

I have to say that this wine was a perfect pairing for the steak, and it had all the taste in the world by itself as well.  It had a hint of cherry, and the finish was just long enough to satisfy, but short enough to tease, leaving you longing for more when the glass is empty and so is the bottle.

If you can get your hands on a bottle of this excellent merlot, I would suggest getting a few in stock instead of just one or two. It's just that good.

BTW, those handprints?  They really are from the winemaker, and each bottle is unique in color and placement.



Ted said...

And the cost of this wine from heaven?

Malikont said...

I believe it is pricing out at about $40 a bottle. Not too bad for a good wine. It would probably cost you about $90-$100 a bottle in the restaurants. Thus why a cork charge is frequently cheaper than buying the bottle in the restaurant.

Ted said...

Ok, what is a cork charge?

Malikont said...

A cork charge is what a restaurant charges you when you bring in your own bottle to drink instead of buying theirs. Most of the restaurants charge $20 - $25 dollars per bottle and depending on the wine you may actually still save money even with the cork charge.