Monday, January 16, 2012

And the answer is...

Last Friday I did a random pic post with a twist. I had a lot of visitors and only a few guesses, but only one person came fairly close to the answer.  Irishwoman guessed that it might be the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride if it were 40 years ago.  Well, that ride is no longer active, as she noted, and doesn't even exist at the Magic Kingdom at all.  However, Disneyland still has the ride with a few new changes.

The ride is now called the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and uses the same location in Disneyland the old attraction used, but with a lot of updated technology and details.  the first thing that is obvious and clearly not the same is that the submarines are no longer the sharp and crisp Nautilus submarines of old.  they are now bright, rounded submersibles of today. You still load from above and go on an underwater adventure, but no longer does the giant squid attack, nor do you have much to worry about other than once again watching as Marlin tries to find Nemo.

Along the way you will see many of the characters from the movie outside your porthole. The attraction  makes great use of blending the actual underwater details with projected characters to give you an active show while riding in your submarine.  Here you can see Darla diving to find a new fishy for her collection.  Let's hope she can keep this one alive.

To the left here we see a diver in the water.  Hmmm, I bet it is that pesky Dentist, Dr. P. Sherman of 42 Wallaby Way, out looking for more fish to collect for his tank in his office.

My favorite part of the attraction?  In one end of the lagoon is a buoy with the seagulls perched on it.  They periodically call out their trademark "Mine! Mine! Mine!" and just cracked me up.

So for the one person who came VERY close to naming where the pictures came from, Congrats!

To the other that tried, Thanks for commenting.

See you soon!


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