Friday, December 16, 2011

A Dunedin Christmas tradition

I have family in the Tampa, FL area, specifically Dunedin and Clearwater, and we recently went to visit them.  While there we took a tour of the downtown area and found that they have a really fun tradition there.  Every Christmas the city rents out the light posts to the local community to raise money for charity, and the person/company/organization that rents the post gets to decorate that post however they wish.

We took a few pictures of the various and most interesting posts we saw and here they are for your reading enjoyment.  Our favorite was the Flamingo pole to the above right, but the people obviously enjoy this tradition.  There are several other traditions regarding this sleepy little community on the west side of Tampa, but we will save those for another day.  A time when bitter midwest cold is shilling us all to the bone and we really need that reminder of what it means to be warm.  (almost sounds like something I need to do tomorrow!)

Stay warm and if you like comment below about your Christmas traditions.

-- TT

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