Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Dunnie with a story

I recently posted a picture of a client's collection of vinyl collectibles including a large number of Dunnies.  I have to admit that I was facinated with all the different types of collectibles on display and the stories about them. We talked a lot about the unique characters he had, and all the spares he had because they are sold "Blind Box".  When you purchase a box with a collectible you do not know what is in the box until you open it.

As we wrapped up the week he presented me with a box as a way of saying "Thank you" for all the work I had done during the week to improve the performance and stability of his environment.  I opened the box and found that I had a "Green Taxi" Dunnie which made this Dunnie particularly important to me for a big reason.

10 years ago I spent several weeks in Mexico City working for a company that was selling a billing software to a major television network.  During that time there we had a few rules.
  1. Don't drink the water
  2. Don't brush your teeth with tap water.
  3. No ice in the drinks.
  4. Do NOT buy the bottled water from the people selling them on the streets, only from the bodegas.
  5. No walking around at night without an escort.
  6. Do NOT use the green taxis, only the "Radio Taxi". (One of our group did actually use the green taxi to get across town, and they had a hilarious, but no less scary, tale of that trip involving careening down the road in curb lanes; cutting in and out of traffic; and holding on for dear life)
Now I have a memento of my time in Mexico and also my time at my recent clients office. Thanks!

-- TT

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