Friday, November 4, 2011

Can I get a different glass?

 Last week my wife and another couple recently ate at a new restaurant in the Omaha area and had a most unpleasant experience. Omaha is known for the number of restaurants and it is a big event when a new eatery opens in town. We get new locations opening all the time, and many do not last the year.

Although the seats were uncomfortable and there was dust and lint falling in profuse amounts onto our food and into our drinks, the real problem for me was the condition of the glasses from which we were drinking.

I have a problem when glasses look like they rinsed them off and put them back into service rather than cleaning them before serving them to your customer.  This is a simple and very obvious indicator of the attention to detail that a restaurant has and the respect for their customers.

We plan to give this restaurant another chance in a few months when they are not being swarmed from the recent opening, and give them another chance to impress upon us that they are worth visiting on a regular basis.

-- TT


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