Monday, October 17, 2011

Somethings just can't get a break.

If you are a regular reader you may remember the previous post I made regarding a car at the office that took a beating from a hail store a while back.  Well, that car just can't catch a break.
The car in question
Not long ago I had to drive it out of town, and took it home the night I returned rather than going to the office and then driving home.  So the next morning I go out the garage door, load up and start to drive away.  Halfway out the driveway I realize that I have not closed the garage door, and I do not have a garage opener in the car either.  I put the car in reverse, back into the driveway again, put it in park and get out to close the door.  I had no more than entered the code then I hear a strange noise and turned to see what is going on.  I see the door coming down, and the car is stealthly rolling UP the driveway and aiming for the garage door.

This takes skill!
Jumping into the car, I slam on the break and put it back into park, but not before I hear that sound a driver just hates to hear... Crunch.  I pull the car forward (this time being treated to a sickening scrape sound) and check out the damage.  Fortunately I had replaced the frame of the garage door with vinyl so there were only scuff marks on the frame.  However, I somehow had dented the body without breaking the tail light.  The only other damage?  A scuffed bumper and my pride.

Some things just can't catch a break.

-- TT

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