Monday, October 31, 2011

Real Steel review

My wife and I went with friends to see Real Steel the other night.  WOW!  This was a movie that pulled you and rewarded you with an awesome story and incredible action.

Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a former pro boxer who is trying to make a buck in the underworld of professional robot boxing.  His lives going from town to town finding a fight, praying for the one that is going to get him to the pro circuit, but never quite getting anything to work out for him.  One night, as he is running from another bad bet, he is told that his old girlfriend is dead. Only problem is that he abandoned her and, Max (Dakota Goyo), his eleven year old son years ago.

What happens next is pretty predictable, but the path we follow for that formula is so far from what we are used to.

I would describe Real Steel as a hybrid of Rocky and your typical Father\Son movie.  However, I have to tell you, this movie has you cheering for the fights and getting emotionally involved in the life of Max and Charlie as they spend the summer together fighting robots and being together.

Personally, this was a great movie and by the end I was left wanting more.  More fighting, more of Charlie and Max, more of Bailey (Evangeline Lilly) and Charlie.

Will they make a sequel?  Most likely, there are plenty of story lines to pursue, and I am looking to forward to what they will be doing with it.

Is it worth it?  Most definitely!

-- TT

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