Monday, August 15, 2011

On the subject of friendship.

Unlike most of my posts, this one is not about something I have seen as much as about something I realized.

When I was in high school I had several close friends, but one I had that was the closest. He was the antithesis to my somewhat reserved personality. I put on a good front and can be somewhat gregarious at times, but T is the life of any party, and if there is no party, h makes one up. I have many great stories about our adventures, and most will never be repeated in a venue that is permanent such as the Internet (remember kiddies, one it's on the web, it's forever.)

At some point about 17 years ago we lost track of each other and it took the wonders of the "Intarwebs" to find each other again. He was now a long way away and living comfortably with wife and kids. Recently we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our high school graduation, and that brought T and his wife (whom I also knew really well) to town for a visit. I was headed out of town for work, so we only had one night to catch up, and as the night progressed I realized just how much I missed having a friend like him around.

That's when I realized that some relationships are so important that you just need to make that effort to stay in touch no matter what. I am very much a visual person and staying in touch with friends usually means that if I don't see you very often I will probably lose touch with you as well. Not sure how to get around that without putting reminders on my calendar to call people once in a while. :D

Whatever it takes, I am thankful that I have a few friends around me locally, and just as thankful that I have several friends around the world that are willing to put up with my intermittent contact.

Thank you all for being a friend.



Boo's Mom said...

As I get older, I have come to appreciate the friends and family I have much more. Wish I could have made that meeting!

Malikont said...

@Boo's Mom: I mentioned that you were going to try and be there, and he said that it would have been nice to see you as well.