Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From the mind of an evil tech...

A long while ago, a friend of mine performed an upgrade on his daughters computer without her knowledge. My friend, being quite the prankster, decided that it would be funny to prank his daughter before telling her that she had a new computer.

He told the young lady that he needed to take the computer to get something for it and took it out the truck. As he did he "noticed" something in the yard and set the computer down on the driveway behind the truck.

After dealing with the "something" he then proceeded to climb into the truck and back out of the drive way. His daughter, realizing that the computer was still behind the truck, was horrified and cried for her daddy to stop, but alas it was too late.

He quickly put the drive back in gear and drives forward, parks it, and jumps out to survey the damage. Nope, the truck is fine. Ah, but the poor innocent computer is toast. And the daughter is distraught because her precious computer is now a pancake.

He took her inside and as they enter she notices that there is a computer in her desk, but not the same one she left, a nice shiny new computer. One that truly does not resemble that metallic pancake in the driveway. She beats her daddy for that one, while he laughed and laughed and laughed.

Yes, Virginia, there is an evil tech.

(No this was not me. Yes this was a true story.)


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