Monday, July 25, 2011

Nature came a callin'

Long ago my house was on the edge of a farmers field and we had a tree in the corner of the lot that yielded berries that the animals loved.

One night we came home to see a herd of deer helping themselves to the berries and checking out our yard. Now, I love nature and all, but I was really glad that there was a sizable berm between my yard and that field. Additionally the berm was topped with a barbed wire fence so the deer stayed on their side and we enjoyed watching them without an worry that they would be enjoying our hospitality from a closer view.

My former brother-in-law always swore that he was going to bring over his rifle and camp out in our backyard, fortunately they seemed to know when he was coming and rarely showed their faces for him. :D

Sadly, a local mass market developer put in a batch of cookie cutter houses and the deer left for good. Ah well, it was good while it was there.


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Boo's Mom said...

I know that former brother-in-law and am very glad the deer didn't show their faces for him.