Friday, July 29, 2011

Umm, not sure what to say here...

So, I am walking along at DIA and look out the window and what do I see?

Yeah, not really sure what to say about this, but the only phrase that came to mind is "My name is Cornholio! I need TP for my Bunghole!"

Sometimes you learn things about airplanes that you really wish you didn't know.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somebody didn't listen to their momma!

So, when I was growing up, my parents were pretty strict about washing my hands.

If I came inside to get a snack... "Wash your hands first!"
Took out the trash... "Wash your hands!"
Used the restroom... "Wash your hands!"
If I... well, you get the picture.

So imagine my surprise when I entered a restroom recently and saw the following over the sink.

Really, you have to tell them how to wash their hands?
Only in California.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Nature came a callin'

Long ago my house was on the edge of a farmers field and we had a tree in the corner of the lot that yielded berries that the animals loved.

One night we came home to see a herd of deer helping themselves to the berries and checking out our yard. Now, I love nature and all, but I was really glad that there was a sizable berm between my yard and that field. Additionally the berm was topped with a barbed wire fence so the deer stayed on their side and we enjoyed watching them without an worry that they would be enjoying our hospitality from a closer view.

My former brother-in-law always swore that he was going to bring over his rifle and camp out in our backyard, fortunately they seemed to know when he was coming and rarely showed their faces for him. :D

Sadly, a local mass market developer put in a batch of cookie cutter houses and the deer left for good. Ah well, it was good while it was there.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Foiled prank

You know all those hilarious pictures that you see on the web about someone getting pranked in some outrageous way, and you think "There is no way that really happened!"? Let me show you one that I know personally.

A while back a buddy of mine went on vacation and his associates at work decided it was time to get him back for all the jokes and pranks he pulls in the office. It's not that he is obnoxious or anything, he just makes it fun there and it was time for them to get even.

So while he was away they took advantage of his week away and redecorated his cubicle in a more dazzling fashion. He comes home and when he comes into the office he sees the most incredible prank he has ever seen. As you can see from the photo to the left, they missed no details in wrapping his desk in foil. He told me that it took him several days to uncover his desk.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh what a tasty bubbly!

I recently had the pleasure of attending a dinner with a winemaker from the Santa Giustina winery in Italy. She was a wonderful young lady with a true passion for the work her family does and the art of winemaking.

The first wine that was brought out was the Ortrugo. This is a sparkling white that is somewhere between dry and sweet with a bouquet and flavor of green apples. We tend to drink this anytime we want a change from the Shiraz we normally drink.

A real treat with this wine was a cheddar with lemon zest in it. Imagine eating a slice of lemon zest cheesecake and drinking this wonderful wine. Ohh, so good.

If you can get a bottle of this wine then do yourself a favor and pick up a couple, it will be well worth your time.


Monday, July 18, 2011

The "Frogman" cometh...

For years I was a scrawny 175lbs and loved it. Then I was married and became a consultant. My weight went up and my activity level dropped at the same time and I soared up above 300 for a while. Now I am on my way back down and I am working out again.

When I was in high school I ran track and cross country. My senior year I did not have the money for a pair of CC spikes so I grabbed my track spikes and used those. The track spikes were designed for sprinters so there was no padding at all, and only a gum sole for traction beyond the plate with the spike in it that sat at the ball of my foot. Interestingly enough, I actually ran best in those shoes that in any other shoes I had.

Recent research has answered the question of why this is so... We were not designed to have our heel sitting so high above our toes, and running in conventional shoes causes us to run incorrectly and can ultimately lead to injury. I damaged my knees years ago running in a 10K race, and have not been able to run any real distance without some pain in my knees since then, until I wore a pair of VFFs.

To facilitate that workout I have been doing research on new shoes since the pair I have are worn and not helping my much. My research led me to the science of barefoot exercise and eventually to BirthdayShoes.Com. Great site all about minimalist shoes and the options we have in those types of shoes. This led to my purchase of a pair Vibram FiveFingers.

I have to say, if you like being barefoot, or want to improve your physical condition these shoes are worth looking into. They come in several different models, each serving a different function. The two main models that people see are the Classic and the KSO. The Classic is something akin to a slipper, and the KSO has a higher upper to Keep Stuff Out.

I purchased the KSO since it was a pretty much all-purpose shoe and I wanted something to weightlifting, running and walking. I chose the green and camel colored shoes as I get felt that the black pairs might have been a bit too obstrusive. As you can see from the pictures they do look a little strange, but once you have them on your feet, you quickly find that they are probably the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn. Probably the most noticeable feature is that there is a pocket for each of your toes. This can be a bit cumbersome to put on when you first get the shoes, but as you learn to wear them you will also quickly learn how to put them on with out a struggle.

The soles of the classics and KSO look as though it is a smooth surface, but if you were to bend the shoe you would quickly notice that the sole opens up and there are lines cut into the surface. these are there to give you more traction when you are flexing the shoe.

One word of warning though. Unless you spend a lot of time being active and barefoot, you will need to breakin your feet to wear these shoes on a consistent basis since your feet have been forced to work in a fashion for which they were not originally designed. prefer to be barefoot or at least wearing socks, but I find that I have to take a break from them once in a while because I have to learn how to walk correctly again.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr Bubbles strikes again

So I am driving through West Des Moines, IA ( ya know, the left side of the city, before the farms start again) and I see this interesting fountain.

When I first saw the fountain it was a huge mound of bubbles flowing and writhing in the breeze. My first thought was "Public bath day?" My second was "Hmm, did I bring a towel?"

By the time I had my camera out and taken a picture the bubbles had subsided and it was down to a pile at the bottom and a flow of thick white water..

Apparently Mr Bubbles can't read signs either.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The view on the Road

Sometimes we get a chance to travel for pleasure and we take interesting picture while traveling. Below is one that was taken as we were traveling down the interstate, just having fun.

 Kind of a perspective you don't often see in traveling pictures. Granted that vehicle is loaded with friends of ours as we made a mad 1.5 hour dash to a restaurant in ST Joseph, MO named Bandanas for BBQ. Have to take a trip down there to give you a review on that place.

-- TT

Monday, July 11, 2011

Windows can be a wonderful OS, sometimes...

So I was looking for a topic to this post, and digging through old pictures that needed to be sorted. I found one that leaped from my hard drive and screamed "Pick Me!"

Not too long in the past my wife and I were a a former employers Christmas party in a downtown hotel, and I noticed that all along the outside of the ballroom were little blurbs about historical locations in the Omaha area that are no longer there. Along with the text as a digital picture of the location. Very cool, especially for someone like me that likes to see the history of everything.

So I decide to wander along in the hallway and read each of them (my wife hates going anywhere that there is a lot to read, as I will read all of it) to see what they have for us. May of them had not just one picture but many pictures that are rotated on the little screen. So it made for a entertaining read at each of the displays.

Then I found the most entertaining of all...

The computer managing the graphics is apparently a Windows based computer and it had suffered the most tragic and, sadly, final a Windows system can go through... the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (also know as the BSOD). Generally the error message you get is about as helpful as a deep freezer in the arctic. However, the messages are always recognized by any IT tech instantly, usually followed closely there after by a loud exclamation of pain and despair, and the raising of hands to the heavens above.

To truly understand the cryptic nature of the message and the reason for the anguish we tech feel, take a look at the somewhat blurry close-up I took of the screen. I do apologize for the clarity issue, but it is hard to focus a digital camera that close, at least it was with that camera.

-- TT

Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Buns Ever!!!

This one is all about proofreading. We had a blast on the 4th, and somewhere around the 6th I was standing in the kitchen and looked down at a package of hot dog buns we had on the counter. As I read the label I began to realize that something wasn't quite right...

So that's why they tasted so good, they already have hot dog in them! I checked another package and they read the same. I realize that what they really meant to say was "Enriched Hot Dog Buns" but it comes out sounding like the buns have been enriched with hot dog. Funny how misplacing adjectives can change the meaning of a phrase.

Sadly, it seems that it's not just the hot dogs...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been to bento and it was goood!

I recently went out to Denver and worked with a client in the Highlands Ranch area. I was looking for a place to grab lunch and stumbled upon an awesome Japanese restaurant. Let me introduce you to FujiYama Sushi and Habachi.

Apparently in Denver when you say Habachi (which is a japanese grill) you actually mean Teppanyaki. You know, the meal where you all sit around a big flat grill and the chef cooks/performs for the group as the food i prepared. Doesn't matter, either way, the food is awesome at this restaurant.

The decor is very upscale and sharp looking. The facilities is divided into two areas, the standard dining and sushi area, and the Teppanyaki (Habachi) area.

I chose to sit in standard dining since I just needed a quick lunch, and not the show. The menu is quite varied and the food is well done.

I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken bento, and along with the chicken I ended up with 4 California Rolls, miso soup, a small salad, and brown rice ($2 up charge). The chicken was cut thin and sat on a bed of sauteed onions with broccoli and carrot as well. The center is wasabi and pickled ginger.

I have never had sushi before, mostly because I do not handle fish very well, and I am not the fondest of various so-called veggies like avocado, but these California Rolls were rockin'!

I recently saw a session of NHK's Journey in Japan and learned how to use that wasabi with the sauce. I took a piece of the wasabi, placed it on the sushi, and dipped the sushi in the sauce. Next thing I know, my sinuses are clear and I am breathing better than I have in days! But it tasted sooo good!

The meal was worth the effort of using the chopsticks and also worth you money. The cost of the meal was minimal, I came in under $12 for the meal including tip.

Give them a visit and enjoy the atmosphere and the dining.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Just a quick note to wish you all a happy 4th of July!

Just be sure to remember the price that has been paid for that freedom.

Photo credit: U.S. Army Photo by Major Kathy Oliver, 27th BCT

A special thank you to my father for giving so many years to protect us all.
Because of you and so many others, we can celebrate another birthday for this great nation of ours.

Friday, July 1, 2011

From the "Do I have to go home" department...

Just a couple of pictures from a vacation last year (Yes, I do actually take them, folks!)

The wife and I went on a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines and had a blast. We didn't get to do many excursions because the weather turned our second port day and so the only pics I have from the coast of Mexico is from the ruins of Tulum. The ruins were amazing as it is, but then you find out that many locals come there not for the ruins, but for the beach that it stands above.

The sand was beautiful and the the water a enticing color of blue. I did not partake of the beach as I did not bring the suit, nor did I know about the beach.

If you ever get a chance to visit the ruins, I would suggest you take the shot. But be ready for the hoard of locals hawking everything possible, but most especially straw hats. Take money for the bathrooms as well since both the mens and womens room charge you for using them. Women... bring you own toilet paper. The only give you a few squares for your money. ;)