Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Serendipitous moment

Remember that scene in the movie Serendipity where Kate Beckinsale is running through NYC with Molly Shannon trying to find John Cusack? In the midst of the search they come across a sidewalk vendor selling Prada knock-offs, and Kate says, "At least my Prada knock-off says Prada. Your's says Prado." Remember that? Me too, it was funny.

So I checked in this week to get me rental car and Enterprise liked me so much they upgraded me from a full size car, Chevy Impala, to a Jeep Laredo. It's a beauty. Power everything. Push button start. Satellite radio. The only real complaints I have are that the rear visibility is poor, and the rear deck is pretty high. I drove this baby all day and found that I liked it. Not enough to replace my current truck with a Jeep, but enough to enjoy the drive it again. So imagine my surprise when I happen to look at the front of the car and it looks like this:

Yeah, that's right, they gave me a cheap knock off.


-- TT

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