Monday, March 14, 2011

A Journey to Fargo...

For many years I have been suffering through the cold in Omaha. The bone chilling, face numbing, cold that just won't go away until spring finally fights its way through the wintery grip on the weather. I thought it was something that I could live with, until I had to visit Fargo, North Dakota.

I came to that city after a long delay on United Airlines and instantly realized that this was not the same weather that I had in Charlotte, North Carolina the week before. I spent that week with my heavy coat in the car, and wearing short sleeves every day. Now I was in the exact opposite. My fingers were freezing cold, my jacket tightly zipped, and eyes tearing in the bitter wind that was blowing from the north. People really choose to live in these conditions? *shudder*

Fargo is actually a nice town, with friendly people and great entertainment. It is actually much like Omaha, in that the metro area is divided by a river and the two areas are actually different states, North Dakota and Minnesota. My only complaint? It's too dang cold, and summer is only 2 months long. :D

I have several friends in the area who always make it a point together with me when I am in town, and we usually find a nice place to hang out, consume a few adult beverages, and catch up on the latest news in our lives. Our latest place was Fargo Billiards. This was a great place to shoot some pool, and eat a fine meal, and relax with a few friends. I must warn you though, when it is league night you will be walking from the sticks to get to the door. They pack them in for league night. However, they have so many tables that we walked in and the front of the house (the under 8 allowed section) was open with plenty of tables to play on. The only downside to the front is that we have to go get our drinks instead of having the server bring them to us. But then we are all techies so we could really use that extra walk for the next round.

Never have I seen such straight cues in a public pool hall. Normally you grab a cue off he rack and it has move curves than a swimsuit model in Bermuda. Not this time. the were straight and true with a perfect tip. I believe this may be the reason that I lost so many games. I am so used to those crappy cues that I was compensating for the problems that did not exist. Yea, that's what I will go with, I was compensating for crappy cues.

When we went to ring out after 2.5 hours, it came to $32 for my share, and that included the meal. That is no bad considering I had an appetizer (perfectly done mozz sticks) and a grilled chicken Caesar salad ( my goto when the other dishes aren't good for my diet or not to my taste).

The lettuce was fresh and crisp, cut to bite size portions, the chicken was tender and hot, and the dressing was perfect, just a touch of tang with awesome flavor. The mozzarella sticks were fried to a nice warm perfection, and when you bite into them you get all cheese, and no pockets of grease rolling out to burn your tongue. The sauce was exactly likely eating the sauce from a pizza so I was not impressed with that. But then I really don't use the sauce.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Fargo Billards for your entertainment needs.

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