Thursday, March 31, 2011

IT's snowing... again.

So once again I am in Fargo this week. I have spent been a month up here, and the interesting part is that it has snowed every week without fail. Usually never less that 4 inches. Without fail. Today was only about 2 inches, and it looked a lot like the fake snow called flocking on a Christmas tree.

Of course when you travel it is not all that easy to pack the usual winter clothing so you end up out in the lot trying to clean the vehicle off with the cheap wooden scraper the rental agency provides you while wearing dress shoes. And so it shall be this week as well. :D

The down side of this is not that I will be out trying to clean off the rentalcar in my dress shoes, it is that they really don't need any more precipitation right now. Fargo sits on the Red River, and every spring along with the flowers and the birds they can also look forward to the flood. Flood stage is at 18ft, and they usually crest around 30+.

This is the first community I have ever been to that actually puts up dikes every year, and tears them down every year. They make millions, I do mean millions, of sandbags every year in preparation. They started making them on Valentines Day this year. I can just hear it "Happy Valentines Day dear. Let's go volunteer to fill sandbags today!"

Apparently the weather here is some of the worst in the country. They average 100 National Weather Service alerts in a year. They flood every year. They have had snow on the ground here for 130+ days straight at the time I am writing this.

And yet they have a great attitude about all this. They laugh and make jokes about swim fins being issued to all residents every year. They don't moan and groan about the cold and wet they endure for 5 months of the year, or that their summer lasts about 8 weeks.

I have to give them their props, Fargo-Moorehead residents have earned them.


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